Our farm located in the heart of Bot and owned by the Bosch-Llovet family is known as Cal Menescal. According to existing data, it was buit at the begining of the 19th centuary by the ancestor Fuster, a veterinarian (“menescal” in old Catlan), although it could well be dated from the end of the 18th centuary.

The transformation of the grape into wine back to before 1860. The existence of a 1600-liter cask from that age, we are still keeping in the winery, this indicates the winemaking tradition of our family.

At the end of the last century, small wineries in the area decided to abandon the practice of making table wines or supporting poorly structured wines, for entry in the vinification of the old fruit and selected vineyards, obtaining high-quality wines.

Celler Menescal is also at this moment, the end of the 20th century, it begins to change and look forward to the future.

In 2000, we launched the first quality wine lines in the market, which were: Vall del Racó and Avus. Throughout these years, we have added new commercial references, we have changed the Vall del Racó brand, leaving only the term MENESCAL, which brings together all the products and collections of our winery.